Dr. Lavon Singleton
Lavon Singleton
Chief Financial Officer
314-869-2505  Ext. 20109
Our Mission

As trustees of the financial records and guardians of Riverview Gardens School District's assets and liabilities, the Finance and Business Services Department is dedicated to providing superior customer service to students, staff, faculty, departments, and outside constituents, with a focus on accuracy, accountability, availability, efficiency, professionalism, and integrity.

Our Vision

The Finance and Business Services Department will work in partnership with all district and community stakeholders in order to meet and exceed its financial goals for the benefit of all students within the district.

Our Goal

The Finance and Business Services Department will adhere to the best accounting and management practices. We will consistently implement a Long-Term Financial Plan that will assist Riverview Gardens School District to achieve financial sustainability, demonstrating to the community financial stewardship. We will assist the Superintendent of Schools in fulfilling fiscal directives established by the Special Administrative Board.  Transparency with stakeholders regarding the District's finances will be achieved through a variety of methods, including monthly financial reports at board and financial meetings.


Tony Ziegler
Finance - Accounting Manager
314-869-2505  Ext. 20111

Virgil Smith
Senior Accountant
314-869-2505  Ext. 20112

Wanda Liddell
Payroll Administrator
314-869-2505  Ext. 20108

Nia Nave
Payroll Clerk
314-869-2505  Ext. 20147

Terenie Winfield
314-869-2505  Ext. 20110

Rosalind Jones
Finance Support Analyst
314-869-2505  Ext. 20113

Tamara Wilson
Admin Assistant Finance
314-869-2505 Ext. 20132