Curriculum Evaluation and Revision Process

Evaluation of the curriculum is ongoing and is the responsibility of all those who are involved in the process of writing curriculum.  Teachers at all levels will be asked to identify the content strengths and weaknesses of the priority standards, the suggested resources and assessment tools.  Annually, administrators and teachers will look at the school-wide results on state and national assessments and determine areas that need to be addressed.

This evaluation will take into consideration data collected from assessments, parents, teachers and administrators.  Changes in state and national standards, critical issues in the content area, and new developments in educational pedagogy will be considered.  Using this information the committee will make recommended changes.

Vertical Alignment and Articulation
Evidence of articulation by grade level and course sequence includes the following:

  •     Alignment of learning targets with the Missouri Show-Me Standards and Grade-level Expectations
  •     Curriculum Units of studies to include: scope and sequence
  •     Grade level meeting discussions
  •     Late Start Wednesdays and staff development day meetings within and across content areas and grade levels
  •     Summer curriculum workshops in curriculum and assessment writing
  •     Building Curriculum Support Teams
  •     Building Departmental meetings
  •     Team meetings
  •     District Core Content Department Leaders meetings