Welcome to the Facilities Department

The Facilities Department is committed to providing a clean, healthy, safe and welcoming environment for our scholars, staff and community that is conducive to teaching, learning and supporting the district's goals and mission.  We hope you find this page informative.  

The Facilities Department is responsible for:

Bond Issue/Construction/Renovation Work: Oversee all construction and renovation work being performed in the school district.

Custodial: Oversee the day to day cleaning as well as any specialized cleaning of all areas of the building staffed with day custodians and night custodians at each building.

Maintenance: Repair and maintenance of carpentry, electrical, plumbing, doors and locks, HVAC, fire/life safety, and alarm systems.

Grounds: Maintain exteriors such as mowing, tree trimming, perimeter fencing, snow removal, etc. Grounds maintenance is performed by both in-house staff and contracted services.  

Warehouse: Responsible for storing and internal deliveries, moving goods and mail throughout the District including set up for school and district events.

For any of the above services, call 314-869-9564 ext. 34101.

Karl Scheidt

Karl Scheidt
Executive Director of Facilities & Food Service

Staff Members

Jayne Crum
Administrative Assistant for Facilities
314-869-9564 Ext 34102

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