Gifted Education Program (REACH)

The Riverview Gardens Gifted Education Program is called, REACH.  The REACH Program is a pull-out Gifted Education Program.  REACH classes are held in each individual building.

The Gifted Education Specialists for the district are Dr. Linda Smith and Ms. Rochelle Spencer.  Dr. Smith has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary/Special Education, a Master’s Degree in Elementary/Special Education, is certified in several areas; Gifted Education K-12, Education Administration and Curriculum and Instruction. She earned a Doctorate of Philosophy Degree from Saint Louis University.  Dr. Smith has over 27 years of experience in the Field of Education, and 25 of those years are in Gifted Education.  Ms. Spencer has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, a Master’s Degree in Education, an Educational Specialist in School Administration, certification in Gifted Education K-12, certification as a School Psychological Examiner and 23 years in Elementary Education.  Both instructors come with a wealth of knowledge and experience and we are very excited to have them in the Gifted Education Program.

The REACH Staff has been working diligently to plan an exciting curriculum for our students.  Students will spend the next several months researching, exploring, working with technology, using critical thinking skills, preparing for gifted education competitions at Washington University and the University of MO St. Louis, focusing on creative writing and drawing, team building, working on projects, presentations, and college and career planning.  We are looking forward to challenging each student to maximize his/her strengths and explore various topics.  If you have any questions you may contact the REACH Staff by email.  Dr. Smith’s email address is   Ms. Spencer’s email address is

REACH is committed to fostering growth, broadening knowledge base, and providing tools to become lifelong learners.