Dr. Scott Spurgeon
Staff Image
Tamara Granger
Assistant Superintendent of Leadership and Accountability
Patrick Lalane
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Stacey Nichols
Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
Melanie Powell-Robinson
Executive Director of Communications
Staff Image
Chaketa Riddle
Asst. Superintendent of Schools, Community and Student Support Services
Staff Image
Amy Schechter
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Staff Image
Kim Bryant
Director of Food Services
Solana Garner
Director of Safety and Security
Staff Image
Dr. Jesolyn Larry
Director of Technology
Staff Image
Dr. Chad Lent
Director of Special School District
Staff Image
Sherri Sampson
Executive Director of Assessment
Amanda Bell-Greenough
Glasgow Elementary, Asst. Principal
Staff Image
Jeff Cook
Koch Elementary, Principal
LaKena Curtis
Glasgow Elementary, Principal
Dr. Danielle DeLoatch
Lewis and Clark Elementary, Principal
Crystal Henderson
Gibson Elementary, Principal
Shaun Jones
Highland Elementary, Principal
Staff Image
Dr. Sheri Schjolberg
Danforth Elementary, Principal
Kevin D. Starks
Lemasters Elementary, Principal
Lisa Thompson
Moline Elementary, Principal
Staff Image
Valeska Hill
Westview Middle, Principal
Staff Image
Darius Kirk
Riverview Gardens High, Principal