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         Early Childhood Education Center Pre-K Enrollment
The Riverview Gardens Early Childhood Center (ECEC) is open to all resident children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. ECEC offers a variety of programming opportunities for the youngest learners of our district. We strive to foster connections, inspire curiosity and develop lifelong learners by supporing families, children and the community.
RG ECEC is accredited by the Missouri Accreditation of Programs for Children and Youth as well as licensed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.
For more information on how to enroll your child, please call 314.869.3211.


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New Student Enrollment (K-12th Grades)
 Riverview Gardens School District is now enrolling students K-12th grades at each assigned school location for the 2016-2017 school year. (Students entering kindergarten must be 5 years old before August 1st.) Call 314.869.2505 ext. 0 to find out which school your child will attend.
ENROLLMENT - After August 4th, 2016
Please contact the student's assigned school for enrollment packets and appointment times. 
**Students eligible to receive district sponsored transportation who enroll after August 4th are NOT guaranteed school transportation assignments for the first day of school.  (Student who live more than one mile from their assigned school may be eligble for district transportation).**
Please contact FirstStudent at ext. 4607, if you have not received information regarding your child's bus route.
If you are new to the district, please bring the following:
  • Student's birth certificate
  • Student's social security card
  • Immunization records
  • Parent/Guardian's proof of residency with child residing at the address
  • Copy of student's IEP or 504 plan if applicable
  • DCN number if necessary
If transferring from another school district please also include:
  • Previous school's address and phone number
  • Last report card (for students enrolling in 1st-12th grades)
  • Transcript and discipline report (for students enrolling in 6-12th grades)


School Locations and Contacts


School                                      Address                                            Principal                                           Phone Extension (314) 869-2505

Early Childhood                     1111 St. Cyr Rd., 63137                   Ms. Crystal Hunter                          ext. 1810

Danforth Elementary             1134 St. Cyr Rd., 63137                   Ms. Sheri Schjolberg                        ext. 1410

Gibson Elementary                 9926 Fonda, 63137                          Ms. Crystal Henderson                   ext. 3210

Glasgow Elementary              10560 Renfrew, 63137                    Ms. Amanda Bell-Greenough        ext. 3410

Highland Elementary             174 Shepley, 63137                         Mr. Shaun Jones                               ext. 3610

Koch Elementary                     1910 Exuma, 63136                        Mr. Howard Fields                          ext. 3810

Lemasters Elementary            1825 Crown Point, 63136              Mr. Kevin Starks                              ext. 4010

Lewis & Clark Elementary     10101 Lewis & Clark, 63136         Dr. Danielle DeLoatch                    ext. 4210

Meadows Elementary             9801 Edgefield, 63136                   Dr. Stacey Nichols                           ext. 4410

Moline Elementary                  9865 Winkler, 63136                      Ms. Lisa Thompson                         ext. 4810


Central Middle                         9800 Patricia Barkalow, 63137    Ms. LaKena Curtis                            ext. 2810

Westview Middle                     1950 Nemnich, 63136                   Ms. Valeska Hill                                ext. 1610


Riverview Gardens High        1218 Shepley, 63137                     Mr. Darius Kirk                                 ext. 2010





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